Mum and Dad

No. 9 of 50 – I found my parents’ wedding photos from the 1960s in an old, battered biscuit tin. They looked so young and full of hope for the future. Dad even looked like a Chinese version of Cliff Richard circa ‘The Young ones’ – what happened?!! Maybe the kids happened. Maybe the Chinese takeaway happened. Maybe nothing happened.


Teatime at the takeaway

No.5 of 50 – Me and my family having our tea┬áin our Chinese takeaway kitchen 1983.



Chinese Takeaway

No.4 of 50 – I lived here in Coventry in the early 80s. I was haunted by the fact we didn’t have a living room, which meant I couldn’t bring friends back. Not that I would of anyway, because I was also mortified about living in a Chinese takeaway. Oh the pains of being a teenager.



Growing up in the 70s

No.1 of 50 – Our parents were never around in the 1970s. As a result we nearly burned the house down and were severely malnourished (I’ve never grown past 5ft).

Growing up in the 70s