A sticky end

No. 35 of 50 – me and my older brother used to go through the other shop’s  bins for fun. The best was the supermarket’s because sometimes you’d find food, like biscuits and cereal, that was still good enough to eat. But one day, we took the lid off and there was a smashed jam jar covered in wasps. They got dead angry when we prodded them, and then they chased my bro around the car park and stung him eleven times.

I made a friend

No. 34 of 50 – I was the shy, awkward, uncool new kid at school. But against all odds, I made a friend. The only thing we had in common was that we were both weirdos…and got bullied for it.


No.33 of 50 – Billy the boy goat broke into the storage shed and ate half a sack of hops. They swelled in his stomach and made him burst in the night. The next morning we found him lying dead in his own mess. RIP you greedy sod.



No.32 of 50 – Mum caught Baarbara eating twenty quids worth of fivers out the till. She’d inadvertently put her hoof on the button that opened it, and of course being a goat, she had to scoff the contents. She didn’t touch the coins though. She obviously has expensive taste.



No.30 of 50 – Dad treated the goat kids better than his own kids – he even gave them piggybacks (or goatybacks I guess in this case) up and down the garden!