Little Chapters of Chill mindfulness books

As a qualified meditation guide, I like to spread the message of mindfulness whenever I can. So, I’m delighted to announce the launch of ‘Little Chapters of Chill’ audiobooks for kids, series 2! Narrated by CBBC’s Giovanna Fletcher with special guest voiceovers.

I can’t tell you how pleased I was to hear that series 1 was adopted by schools, councils, libraries and the NHS as an essential tool for children’s health and welfare online, especially during lockdown and now, as they ease their way back into ‘normal life’.

There’s 10 adventure stories each with an integrated guided exercise and they are absolutely FREE to download here.

Thank you to everyone involved in this project and for the fabulous launch party at The Ivy, Tower Bridge💛

Maddy Yip offically launches 5th August 2021

Two years, 20,000 words and 80 illustrations later, it’s finally here! It took so long because I was working full-time as a marketing creative, as well as covering requests off the back of my last book Chinglish: writing features, doing interviews/podcasts, school visits, festival talks/panels, videos etc. Also, confession time, I’m a massively slow writer (and even slower at reading).

Working on this during the glummest months of the pandemic gave me oodles of joy, so I hope it does the same for my readers.

Maddy Yip’s Guide to Life is the first in a series. Find out more here.

Indie Book of the Month for August 2021!

OH WOW! My first ever middle-grade book has made it to ‘Children’s Indie Book of the Month’! Meaning it’ll be promoted in all UK independent bookshops throughout August.

Sometimes, I need to stop, breathe and appreciate what I do, and the support around me. It’s so easy to plough on to the next job without stopping to smell the roses.

Indie book shops are unique community hubs with the best personal service and expert advice you’ll find. So please keep them thriving by supporting them and shop local!