Book to screen news

‘Chinglish’ is onto phase 2 of going to screen. It’s still early on but I’m  excited to be co-writing and fortunate to have a fantastic team alongside me.

Hopefully, if all goes well and it does make it to screen, this will be an important piece of work, as it would help push more ESEA representation in the creative arts. It would be great to be able to see an industry shift and as a bonus, encourage a cultural one too.

Here I am pictured with ‘Tina’, my bezzie from the story. She’s my friend in real life and a Cure fan in the book too.

No pussy-footing around

Been writing the sequel to my memoir. This is how you’ll find me lately, holed up in the house bookended by two furry companions, patiently waiting for me to reach wordcount for the day so they can get fed. I am Crazy Cat Lady!

The sequel documents what happens when I leave home aka the Chinese takeaway for the bright lights of London as a stunningly incompetent 16yr old. As you can tell, it’s going to be another dark humour, cause laughter is always the best medicine.