Chinglish Part 2

It’s taken almost a year, but I’m chuffed/relieved/knackered to say I have just finished the first draft of ‘Chinglish’ sequel!

The follow on documents what happens when I leave home, aka the Chinese takeaway, for the bright lights of London as a stunningly incompetent 16yr old. I’d won a scholarship to Fashion college, but didn’t look so chic when I ended up skint and homeless on the streets.

It was way harder writing about this part of my life than Chinglish. But ‘cause I know my story helps, I think it’s worth getting onto the page. And as before, part 2 will have you crying sad and laughter tears with its dark humour. Hopefully agent and publisher team will see potential and I can get on with the next draft!

(Photo by WonderfullyBookish)