Happy New Year

Reminding with a year round-up which sometimes gets lost while we’re planning and doing and jumping onto the next thing. Some of my highlights:

– Hooking up with Simone Heng author of ‘Let’s Talk About Loneliness’
– Seeing behind the door of No.10 Downing Street
– Completing my ‘Maddy Yip’ kids’ series
– Drawing live on BBC Breakfast with Hacker the Dog
– Being interviewed by Cathy Newman at Times Radio
– Meeting other authors (like Patrice Lawrence here) at book festivals
– Continuing my work with the amazing team at EmpathyLab
– All my events at schools around the country
– Joining the advisory board at Bournemouth Writing Festival

As a kid who secretly envied those high achievers at school, I thought these goals would be way out of reach, so beliefs have been defied and proof is there that anyone can do this. And as always, a salute to the bloody marvellous people who help push us along in that squeaky wheelbarrow.

My tip for 2024: pretend there’s no one out there but you – how far would you go? GO THERE. Happy New Year beautiful people!