Q: What's the scariest thing about being an author?

A: When you're asked to go on live TV and radio and have to try not to poop your pants. Click below:

• BBC Breakfast TV

• BBC Scotland Authors Live

• BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

Q: What's going on in the pictures above?

A:  1) Me aged 2 pretending to drive Dad's Ford Escort with my eyes shut  2) Me aged 7 with a Chinese bao (steamed bun) stuffed in my mouth while wearing a fetching pair of Rupert the Bear trousers  3) Fast forward to me with my son wearing a pair of Rupert the Bear trousers  4) The only sensible photo of me I could find

Q: Where are you from?

A: Some may be fooled into thinking it's Downton Abbey due to my accent being so perfectly English, but I'm not. My parents emigrated from Hong Kong in the 1960s and I was born in Nottingham (I've never been to Hong Kong, although I can tell you that it translates as 'Fragrant Harbour'). My name was originally Ying Yee Cheung, but when I started school it got changed to Sue Cheung so that people could remember it better.

Q: When did you decide to become a writer/illustrator?

A: I've been able to draw ever since I could pick up a crayon without eating it and I grew up on a diet of comics from the local newsagents, because we never had books in the house - so I guess I was always going to be an artist. But I didn't start writing children's books until I was in my late 30s. My first picture book Bob & Rob was published in 2013.

Q: If you weren't an author or artist, what would you like to be?

A: As a teenager I wanted to be a fashion designer and at the age of 17, I won a scholarship to The London College of Fashion through a competition in Mizz girl's magazine. I also fancied window dressing for Selfridges, or failing that, becoming a backing singer for Duran Duran, a boy band from the 80s who were so gorgeous I could die (in the style of a melodramatic pre-pubescent).

Q: What do you do when you're not working on your books?

A: Yoga (I can do headstands on demand). Play guitar (I could probably entertain a campfire party now). Scuba diving (I've done it over 100 times now, with sharks and everything!). I also love painting, running, gardening, reading, baking...and there’s a million other things I’d like to do. Yes, I am THAT person.

Q: What are some things people don't know about you?

A: I'd love to dress in drag and jump out of a plane - at the same time would be ace! My fave TV programmes are RuPaul's Drag Race and Game of Thrones. I can't speak, read or write Chinese. I'm a certified reiki practitioner and meditation guide. I am a massive nerdy Professor Brian Cox fan. And I have two rescue cats called Ike (from South Park) and Neo (from The Matrix), but they're not funny or brave, just fur-bally and slightly stinky.

Q: You're an EmpathyLab-trained author. What does that mean? 

A: EmpathyLab is an organisation offering schools and libraries practical and innovative ways to build empathy. I work with a team of authors who encourage children to #ReadForEmpathy, so we can help broaden their world view with stories that explore how different people’s lives are, how important it is to understand what others are going through, and act on it.

Q: What are you up to now? 

A: I try to keep everyone up-to-date by posting on my blog here. Or even better, follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by going to the homepage and clicking on the icons.