Born in The Midlands and raised on a diet of Old English Spangles, The Beano and Tiswas, I was ambitious from an early age, already driving by the age of two...with my eyes shut! I spent most of my childhood clowning about, eating cake and wearing outrageous trousers (why are you laughing? They were all the rage!). But my favourite pastime of all was drawing. So I scribbled my way into the 80s with ambitions to be a window dresser or fashion designer (or failing those, backing singer for Duran Duran). Then I won a scholarship to The London College of Fashion, which was a very exciting time! Afterwards I took time off to be mum to my son Rhian, who thankfully, turned out to be much less trouble than I was. Within a year I went back to college and completed a course in advertising & iIllustration and got a job straight away in an agency sketching storyboards, visualising press and billboard ads and illustrating. I became an Art Director and spent many years in the hustle and bustle of London before deciding to move to the more gentle, seasidy lull of Bournemouth, where it’s honestly like being on holiday the whole time! Now I write and illustrate children’s books, home rescue cats and enjoy diving with sharks....just to keep me on my toes.