It’s a wrap for Maddy!

💛🩵❤️I am SO proud of Maddy Yip, my illustrated humour series for age 8+. Along with the rest of the Yip clan, Maddy has made kids (and me, while I was working on it) laugh their ruddy socks off for the past three years but now it’s time for the next exciting projects – so watch this space!

When my books are released into the wild, I can only kind of guess where they go, but then someone messages and my tiny mind is blown. Get this…

“I really wanted to let you know how you have changed my daughter’s enthusiasm for reading. As she’s got older she’s struggled with longer text and more complex language meaning she gave up easily and didn’t have the love of reading that I had as a child. She brought Maddy Yip home from the school library and she thought it was brilliant – she read the whole book… and we are now on number two! I love listening to her read too it as its just so flipping funny! Thank you for sparking my daughter’s interest and getting her on the track to loving reading. We are so glad we found Maddy!!!”
G Taylor

And that my dear friends, says it all😁

Thank you to all at Andersen Press, my agent and everyone who supported Maddy along the way.