Halloween masks

Everyone enjoyed a special spooky workshop at Hamworthy library for Halloween. Here I am with a mini Bob holding up her fantastic picture of a mini Rob (complete with motion lines!)


Batty exhibit

At the back of the ancient 1776 Square & Compass pub in Worth Matravers is a secret fossil musuem where I found loads of impressive marine reptile bones, Neolithic flint tools and this errr…wonky eyed bat thing, ha ha ha!

Square & Compass

Korean cool!

Ok, so this is pretty awesome. I came home to find a parcel full of Korean editions of ‘Bob and Rob’…it looks so amazingly kitsch, I LOVE it – thank you Frances Lincoln! I’m going to give a copy to my local Korean supermarket, they’re always so friendly in there and maybe they’ll swap for some Kimchi or something? : )


Digital demo

After a few nail biting technical hiccups, my first ever interactive drawing demo went down a treat. The kids were in awe as I explained how I use my tablet and stylus to paint, draw and even erase, as you would on paper.

drawing demo

Cambridge shortlist award

I didn’t win this time but being shortlisted for my debut book is still pretty awesome! And as I’d never been to Cambridge before, it meant I could stay a few days and explore – if there’s one word to describe this town, it would be ‘picturesque’.

Cambridge Award

Hallgrímskirkja Church

Yes, just about every word in Iceland is totally unpronouncable! This remarkable structure was directly facing my hotel in Rekjavik. Seen from almost everywhere in the city it was designed by Guðjón Samuel, who was inspired by the shapes and forms created when lava cools into basalt rock.

Hallgrímskirkja Church

Hair raising event

The South Coast Fashion Show, Bournemouth is where the most inspiring creatives congregated this month to share ideas and products. Everything from DIY wellies to Harajuku couture were on show.

Fashion Show

Alien invasion

What exactly does an alien look like? At my latest drawing workshop the kids went into creative hyperdrive and came up with some stellar ideas:


Cosmic capers

Out now, my second picture book ‘When Angus met Alvin‘, is about a well behaved alien and an unbelievably naughty one. Well, you can guess how much they get on each other’s nerves…until one teaches the other a lesson ha!

When Angus met Alvin

Parcel of pictures

A surprise came through the post from a group of yr1 children I gave a workshop to. They had put their characters into stories and compiled them into wonderful books, just for me!