Headbutt why?

No.45 of 50 – Our goat, Baabara, got sent away to a sheep farm for eating money out of the till. Every now and then we’d get a photo sent to us, of her headbutting the sheep.

Chicken chasing

No.44 of 50 – If you’re an animal lover, look away now! On Christmas day 1984, Grandma brought us a live chicken for dinner. She chopped its head off but it escaped, and she had to chase it round the garden for ages. I thought headless chickens running around was a myth up till then. I kind of lost my appetite after that.

Onion Head

No.43 of 50 – I didn’t dare bring a friend back to meet my parents until my teens, and this was the first thing my mum said to her…

Dodgy mate

No.33a of 50 – My little sister’s first ever best friend chewed gum like a ruminating cow and wore more make-up than Boy George. I never told her so ’cause she looked like she could have punched my lights out quite easily.