I’m an EmpathyLab-trained author!

EmpathyLab is an organisation offering schools and libraries innovative and practical ways to build empathy.

Without this social and emotional skill, young people struggle to communicate and form strong relationships.

By encouraging children to #ReadForEmpathy, we can broaden their world view with stories that explore and teach how different people’s lives are, how important it is to understand what others are going through, and act on it.

So, we the team of Empathy Lab authors, will help integrate empathy education into existing school practices and empower our young people to build a more caring world – who’s with us?!

Join us for this year’s Empathy Day on 10th June 💛

World Book Day 2021

I was so excited when asked if I wanted to be included in the World Book Day video. Author Sophie Andersen and  booktuber Gavin Hetherington teamed up to create an epic montage of 153 authors spreading the message of book-love and the importance of getting them into the hands of as many young people as possible.

I was even more excited when a  sneak preview tweet was posted of me pictured next to Cressida Cowell, the Children’s Laureate – BOOM! So if any of you are thinking of writing but don’t think you’re of the right race, class or educational background – here’s proof it can be done.

World Book day is 4th March, so tune into YouTube and watch this fantastic video. It’s for everyone and it’s FREE – enjoy!