I’ve won another national award!

I decided 2021 was a good year after all when it ended with me winning another award. The Blossom Awards celebrates the success and contributions of British-Chinese people to our national life, so it was a bit of a shock being in this line-up considering the stellar talent in the room that night. On my table alone were a TV chef, chief constable, sustainable business owner, economist and fellow artist, and what a gorgeous bunch they were too.

I’m so proud to be able to represent and raise the profile of the community.

Tightly managed covid restrictions meant this event could happen, so huge thanks to the team at Blossom Awards for organising. Also, this would not have happened without my brilliant agent and publishers, so a big thank you to them as well.

Two exciting events in November


I’m delighted that Chinglish has been picked for November’s National Teen Book Club! This is a first of a kind programme, bringing together thousands of young people from hundreds of UK state schools and colleges, to a shared virtual book club. What a brilliant idea!


So proud to have been part of the EmpathyLab crew at this year’s KindFest on World Kindness Day, 13th November. This is the world’s largest online festival of kindness, full of speakers and performers, all sharing their collective wisdom, energy and ideas about how kindness can create a more hopeful and resilient world.

Contributions included shorts stories from myself and Rashmi Sirdeshpande, discussion with EmpathyLab founder Sarah Mears and author Jion Sheibani, and walks from Joseph Elliott and Alastair Chisholm.

I’m on Wikipedia?

I was sorting out my website when this showed up on the first page of a Google search. I thought it must have been another Sue Cheung, so I clicked on it to find out. Imagine my shock and bewilderment when I realised it was actually me! As Wiki was an eternal mystery to me, I had to do another search to figure out who puts these pages up and who qualifies to be on them (notable people apparently – ME, notable!) It’s all a bit surreal, but I’ll take that. And thank you…whoever you are out there. Click here to view the page.

My first stay at a Writers’ Retreat

For anyone looking for peaceful surroundings to get their next project done, I highly recommend Kiln Bank Writers’ & Artists’ Retreat, Lake District.

The 1820s cottage literally has nature on its doorstep, with a couple of excellent walks/running routes taking in secluded river woodland to mountainous panoramas.

In the evenings, I ate meals with hosts Adriana and Richard and relaxed in the cosy lounge, tinged with the aroma of clementine peel drying on top of the log burner.

One evening, Adriana took me out to look at the stars on a cloudless night. As there was no light pollution, we saw what seemed like the entire Milky Way – magical!

Staying at the retreat did wonders. Not only because I managed to finish the difficult task of outlining my next book, but the fresh surroundings gave me a well-needed reboot from the daily grind that can sometimes take over our lives and cloud our thinking.

The retreat will soon be expanding, so look out and get booking!

For more info visit: Pea Green Boat Books.

Upcoming festivals this September 2021

These will be my first ever book festivals in person. Last year I attended Hay and Edinburgh, but only online, so it wasn’t really the same. There’s no beating the atmosphere of events like these in person, with the hustle and bustle of exciting things to see and do, and meeting loads of new and interesting people. After being cooped up forever, I am more than raring to go now!



‘Create Your Own Comic Guide to Life’ – Saturday 25 September, 2pm to 3.30pm, The Forum, St James’ Parade, BA1 1UG



• ‘The Diverse Book Awards Event’ with founder Abiola Bello – Wednesday 29 September, 7pm to 8pm

• ‘Maddy Yip’s Guide to Life Talk & Workshop’ – Thursday 30 September, 11am to 12noon

Little Chapters of Chill mindfulness books

As a qualified meditation guide, I like to spread the message of mindfulness whenever I can. So, I’m delighted to announce the launch of ‘Little Chapters of Chill’ audiobooks for kids, series 2! Narrated by CBBC’s Giovanna Fletcher with special guest voiceovers.

I can’t tell you how pleased I was to hear that series 1 was adopted by schools, councils, libraries and the NHS as an essential tool for children’s health and welfare online, especially during lockdown and now, as they ease their way back into ‘normal life’.

There’s 10 adventure stories each with an integrated guided exercise and they are absolutely FREE to download here.

Thank you to everyone involved in this project and for the fabulous launch party at The Ivy, Tower Bridge💛

Maddy Yip offically launches 5th August 2021

Two years, 20,000 words and 80 illustrations later, it’s finally here! It took so long because I was working full-time as a marketing creative, as well as covering requests off the back of my last book Chinglish: writing features, doing interviews/podcasts, school visits, festival talks/panels, videos etc. Also, confession time, I’m a massively slow writer (and even slower at reading).

Working on this during the glummest months of the pandemic gave me oodles of joy, so I hope it does the same for my readers.

Maddy Yip’s Guide to Life is the first in a series. Find out more here.

Indie Book of the Month for August 2021!

OH WOW! My first ever middle-grade book has made it to ‘Children’s Indie Book of the Month’! Meaning it’ll be promoted in all UK independent bookshops throughout August.

Sometimes, I need to stop, breathe and appreciate what I do, and the support around me. It’s so easy to plough on to the next job without stopping to smell the roses.

Indie book shops are unique community hubs with the best personal service and expert advice you’ll find. So please keep them thriving by supporting them and shop local!

Gold Award for Chill with Lil

Bizzie Baby UK have awarded GOLD for my mindfulness book for children ‘Chill with Lil’!

Most people won’t know that apart from writing and illustrating books, I also practice meditation and am a qualified guide. One day I decided to put the two together and came up with ‘Chill with Lil’, a fun story with an integrated mindfulness exercise, to help kids enjoy some calm and stillness – something we all need more of in today’s busy world!

(Also shown are the Dutch and Turkish versions)

Read reviews

Buy a copy

The Book of Homelessness at MOYC

My story of being homeless and pregnant when I was 19, features in The Book of Homelessness, along with many other extremely thought provoking and touching accounts.

This incredible piece of work was put together by Accumulate, a charity providing support, workshops and scholarships for creatives affected by the lack of safe, secure and adequate housing.

The book is full of #ownvoices stories and brilliant colour art by the contributors. Buy at Accumulate’s website, or the fantastic Museum Of Youth Culture in London. All profits go to charity 🖤