Winning work of art

In response to a brief presented by Cosmetics Business Awards organisers, I created the unique winner’s awards for this year’s charity event at the London Film Museum. Proceeds went to the Katie Piper Foundation. Working alongside Andy Hopper – Artist Blacksmith – we delivered a contemporary design with mirror polished shooting stars on intertwined stems.

A cut above the rest

I’ve wanted to own one of these delicate papercuts for years but never fell in love with any…until now! My talented artist friend Katherine Anteney at Red Hot Press produces these along with hand bound books and prints.

Ta-daaaa, I’m published!

I’m proud to announce that my first children’s book ‘Bob and Rob’, a comic caper about a robber and his dog, is in print. Who’d have thought that an initial fanciful idea would become reality? I kept my original copy of ‘Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook 2003′ on the shelf, which served as a constant reminder to never to give up my dream of writing and illustrating children’s stories – any excuse to stay a big kid!

Forging ahead

Working on a brief to provide unique awards for a ceremony at The London Film Museum meant working with Andy Hopper, a sculptor situated in the New Forest. I went to visit him at his rural workshop and marvelled at the amazing quality and standard of his work. He’s now underway making these awards, which will be limited edition art, each stamped with a unique signature. I can’t wait to see them handed out on the night!

Sand sculptures

On a recent scuba diving trip to the Maldives, I was impressed by the creative talent of the Maldivian and Sri Lankan boat crew. Here they are making manta ray and whale shark sand sculptures on a tiny deserted island.

Magical medieval maze

If you ever fancy a colourful trip back in time then this place is for you. Situated on the west bank of the Saône river, the medieval part of Lyon (Vieux Lyon) is made up of buildings that date from the Renaissance period and is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The unspoilt cobbled streets, narrow alleyways and hidden passages give you a real sense of being transported back to another era. If you are into puppets then Musée Gadagne houses a world collection – the best exhibition I’ve been to in ages.

A feast for the eyes

You really have to look twice at this amazing picture. No, it’s not a model, sculpture or Photoshopped image. Seedsman Greg Schoen of The Seeds Trust got this ‘Glass Gems’ corn from his ‘corn-teacher’, a part Cherokee man in his 80s. I would wear this, not eat it!

Hidden gems

I can’t believe I’ve never noticed these before. Tucked behind the seafront at Boscombe, Bournemouth are these brilliant public sculptures. Designed by Dorset artist Andy Kirkby, all seven sculptures feature a blue glow at night and are made from materials including bronze, copper and cast iron.

Stop. Look closer.

Isn’t nature incredible?  I saw this picture of sand seen under a 250x microscope and was in awe of the beautiful miniature gems. There’s even what appears to be tiny little ammonites in amongst it.

Model student

I’m so impressed by my brother’s collection of puppets, which he made while studying 3D Animation Technology at Staffordshire University – they are bursting with detail. I’ve always wanted to make models but that’s for another day, retirement maybe!