Shortlisted for The Diverse Book Awards 2020!

Whoo-hoo! I can’t believe Chinglish has been nominated for The Diverse Book Awards shortlist! To any aspiring writers out there, no matter what your background is, if you’ve got a story to tell then tell it because THIS might happen!

I didn’t think anyone would want to know about me, a working class kid growing up in a Chinese takeaway in Coventry, but my agent persuaded me otherwise and he was right, people want to hear our stories, especially those that aren’t very often heard. I know now how important this is for us to be able to understand and connect with each other.

Massive thanks as always go to my agent and all the top folk at Andersen Press for their support. Also, thank you to the judges at DBA and congratulations to the other brilliant short listed authors – yaaaaaay!