WHAT EVEN??!!! I have only gone and WON The Diverse Book Awards, Young Adult category!!!
I had no idea this was going to be a thing, so please forgive the babbling post! Massive thanks to my agent @thecatchpoles and publisher @andersenpress who backed me all the way, even when I was convinced no one wanted hear my story. And thank you to the judges @DBAwards who then did hear my story and found it worthy of an award. Also a big hand goes to all the other talent that got nominated.
When I wrote Chinglish, I had no idea of the 1000s in the Chinese community (all over the world) who would relate to my upbringing in a takeaway/restaurant. Since then, many have messaged to say how much better they feel knowing they weren’t alone.
Apart from the struggles (including racism, the immigrant experience and identity issues), growing up British Chinese was and continues to be, a rich and colourful dual culture experience. We were known as the ‘silent minority’ but with incredible awards like this representing all, I hope others will be encouraged to join in getting our voices heard. Congratulations to the other winners Onjali Rauf and Ayisha Malik and love to all – I’m off to celebrate now whoo-hoo! 💛